We interviewed more than a dozen Maine architects, explaining what was then no more than a concept for development of the land we had purchased. One architect commented, “This might be a project for Cold Mountain.” Then a second did.

Architect hired. One who knew of, but had never worked with, CMB. We met Jay Fischer for dinner in Portland. It changed our lives.

In my experience, the best projects represent collaboration—between client, architect, landscape designer, contractor and interior designer. It is a team effort in which every member of the team plays an essential role.

Over the course of more than two years, we developed the highest possible regard for CMB, its crew and subcontractors. It is a firm characterized by intelligence, integrity, craft, and good taste. Every member of the crew and its supervisors and management share a commitment to excellence which mirrored ours. We knew it wasn’t ordinary and would not come cheaply. It is among the best investments we ever made. More than a decade later, our house remains a source of pride and gratification.

Larry Lasser