It was both a pleasure and privilege to partner with Cold Mountain Builders in the construction of a significant custom residential project on the Maine coast. In the course of my architectural practice, I would rate my experience with Cold Mountain Builders as the best and most professional I’ve experienced.

From top to bottom, Cold Mountain Builders is predicated on a tightly organized, highly efficient methodology with attention to detail being its hallmark. Above all, it is the people who work for and with Cold Mountain that make the difference.

I found the carpentry crew members not only highly skilled craftsmen, but thoughtful, educated men working in a convivial, non-smoking environment without blaring music. Perhaps the most telling characteristic lies in the attitude of the foreman. It’s never an attitude of it can’t be done, but rather one of what we can do to make it happen. I knew I was in good hands and working with people who would do everything in their power to help me and my client achieve our vision.

This attitude carried over to Cold Mountain’s stable of subcontractors as well; associations honed over many years and based on a mutual understanding of trust and some of the highest quality work I’ve seen.

The attitude of confidence, integrity, and cooperation that Cold Mountain Builders brings to a construction site in combination with the high standards set for both themselves and those working with them, make them an excellent choice for any building project. I am pleased to offer them my hardiest recommendation.

John Gillespie