I have worked with Cold Mountain Builders on projects since at least 1978, when we collaborated on the Republican Journal building in Belfast. I am always greatly relieved when a project includes Cold Mountain, because I can be sure that the work will be done to highest standards and the many decisions that are made on site, especially during a renovation project, will be made with intelligence and care—and that major decisions affecting the outcome of the design will be referred to me.

A project goes well when the stakeholders are included, and Cold Mountain is outstanding for its careful process of consultation and collaboration. They choose excellent subcontractors and collaborators, and the project is a joy to be involved in.

Much, though by no means all, of our work together has been on alterations to existing buildings, and it is here that careful attention to the quality of the decision making is especially critical. I have served as the Architect member of the Maine State Historic Preservation Commission, and I have been deeply involved in preservation projects both in my own practice and in my duties in the Commission. As such I have a great appreciation for people who understand the special concerns of working carefully with historic buildings.

We recently completed a complex preservation project restoring a water powered mill in Freedom, Maine. This required assembling a team of specialists in many fields, from hydraulic engineering to heavy timber framing to historic roofing materials. The project had to meet stringent preservation requirements to qualify for the Maine Rehabilitation Tax Credit, and it had to satisfy the environmental concerns of dealing with a dam on a small river. Cold Mountain was charged with the overall coordination of the project as well as the reconstruction and repurposing of the buildings. The project ran smoothly and communication was always good, and the results have received a state preservation award. It was a privilege and pleasure to be part of that team effort.

Christopher Glass