We are proud to field a team for our projects that will consistently be marked by senior leadership and steadfast dedication to the standards and success of each project. The Cold Mountain culture promotes the personal investment of each of our administrative, field, and workshop staff to every aspect of our projects. They communicate clearly and work diligently toward that goal.


Jay Fischer
Owner and Project Manager

Janet Simmons
and Operating Manager

Thaddeus Heintzman
Project Coordinator


Rick Tyler
Project Manager

Rob Scheibel

Brian Patterson

Justin Overlook


John Gertner

Philip Rule

Cold Mountain Builders Workshop

Our workshop is staffed by highly experienced professionals who have been immersed in fine woodworking for the past thirty years. They continue to design and build kitchens, casework, fixtures and furniture for our projects as well as for independent assignments.

Cold Mountain Builders Workshop

Habitat for Humanity

I have been involved in several Habitat for Humanity projects both in Maine, in Alabama’s Black Belt and the Mississippi Delta. I have served on the local board for years where we are focused on building sound housing with a sustainable model. Our current focus includes the development of four - 600 square foot houses in Rockland, Maine on the site of former housing for millworkers.